Resume Teo Rapp-Olsson



KING OF KNIVES                                                          Patrick                                                   Pope 3 Enterprises

JONATHAN                                                                    Store Clerk                                           Jonathan Productions. Inc

YINZ                                                                                Jonnie (Lead)                                       Dir. Jeremy Michael Cohen

THANKS GIVING BREAK                                              Jordy (Lead)                                         Short. Dir. Andy Carrigan

FIRST OF OUR FRIENDS TO GET MARRIED              Simon (Lead)                                        Wolf+Warmonger Productions

BUNNY                                                                          Bunny                                                   NYU TISCH Thesis

ReRun                                                                            George Benson (Lead)                       Stonestreet Feature


LAW & ORDER: SVU                                                  Julius Perry                                              NBC

THE DEUCE                                                                Barry                                                         HBO

CRASHING                                                                  Zach                                                          HBO

BULL                                                                            Bryan Reese                                            CBS

BLUE BLOODS                                                           Todd Bukowski                                       CBS

Z: THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING                     Army Lieutenant                                     Amazon Prime

DIVORCE                                                                     Stuttering Stock Boy                               HBO

DEADBEAT                                                                  Prize Booth Boy                                       Hulu

BEHIND THE MAGIC: SNOW WHITE                        Young Walt Disney                                 ABC

I LOVE YOU BUT… I LIED                                          Ben (Lead)                                                 Lifetime Movie Network

REDRUM                                                                     Guest Star                                                Discovery Investigation


A HAPPY END                                                           Hans Erdmann                                         Aaron Davis Hall

A HARD RAIN                                                            Jimmy                                                        Theater for the New City dir. Michael Luggio

A MIDSUMMER’S NIGHTS DREAM                        Flute/Egeus                                               The One Trick Circus

EXECUTION OF JUSTICE                                         Carl Henry Carlson/Dr. Delman             NYU TISCH Main Stage

MONSTROUS                                                           Klaus/Heinrich                                          NYU GAP Production

WHAT I DID LAST SUMMER                                   Ted Muffet                                                 Stella Adler, dir. Mark Armstrong

ANATOMY OF GRAY                                                Homer                                                       Stella Adler Studio of Acting

A MIDSUMMER’S NIGHTS DREAM                        Demetrius                                                 Stella Adler, dir. Angela Vitale

ROMEO AND JULIET                                               Romeo                                                       Shakespeare in the Square

THE NINA VARIATIONS                                          Treplev                                                      Stella Adler Studio of Acting

AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE                                   Ejlif                                                            NYU GAP Production





Eggs and Bacon W/ Kevin Bacon (American Egg Board)




Stella Adler Studio of Acting/ Stonestreet Studio – NYU Tisch      

One on One

Upright Citizens Brigade:

Improv 101

Voice: Alithea Phillips, Andrew Wade

Acting: James Tripp, Elizabeth Parrish, Noel Wilson, Andrea Burns, Peter Flynn

Camera Technique: Bob Krakower, Ted Sluberski, Zach Galligan, Carolyn McCormick, Jenny Ravitz

Voice Over and Audio Book: Andy Roth

Movement: Joan Evans, Steve Cook, Joanne Edelmann

Stage Fighting: Steven White

Fencing (Foil), Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Driver’s License (Standard/Automatic,) Swedish, Dual Passports (US/Sweden,)
Improv, Accent Training, Stage Combat Training


International Independent Film Festival: Best Supporting Actor

Los Angeles Film Awards: Best Young Actor

Orlando Film Festival: Best Supporting Actor (Nominated)

NYU Tisch Department of Drama: Outstanding Achievement in Studio